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Category: Mature Doggers


Dixie Davies dogging again

  Its that time of night again and British dogging housewife Dixie Davies is on the hunt for more than one guy to fuck, she breaks away from the swinging scene for the night and heads down to her local carpark to catch the latest dogging action. Dixie was there less than 5 minutes and […]


Dogging with Tiffany Love

New to the scene is fur loving Tiffany Love. Tiffany Love is a sexy brunette amateur who loves the thrill of doing it outside, She was spotted at this local dogging hotspot along with other sluts from the area all fucking and sucking complete strangers as their partners sat back and watched all the hardcore […]


Old dogger Mazza May

Old dogging slut Mazza May might be an old tart but she sure loves a good fucking froma younger guy. This busty MILF has a body most women her age would die for, just check it out when shes naked. Anyway the cameras follow old dogger Mazza May as she heads of for a night […]