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Dogging locations in the UK

The dogging craze in the UK keeps picking up momentum, and finding hot spots for dogging action is getting easier by the minute. There are literally dozens of websites set up by and devoted to dogging enthusiasts, and one only need execute a few clicks to find the best dogging spots across the UK. These websites are generally well populated, organized, and often free or with negligible fees, and members and even casual browsers can select from hundreds of towns and specific locales to see and be seen engaging in exciting activities usually kept behind bedroom doors. The sites often feature extensive and comprehensive dogging databases of both locations and member enthusiasts, in addition to chat rooms, organized meetings, and member profiles and postings.

In addition to listing good dogging locations, these sites offer specific information in helping you find what particular spot may be right for you. You can find out what particular activities are popular, whether a location is primarily straight or gay, the best times to show up, local protocols such as car signals and nonverbal cues, and how heavily policed an area may be. While no night will likely ever be identical to another, with a little research and likely pleasurable experience, dogging enthusiasts can easily find their new favorite spot to shag under the stars.

While there are too many sites to list here, some of the most popular and detailed include Swinging Heaven, Swinger Nation UK, Let’s Go Dogging, Dogging, The Adult club, and Dogging After Dark. The opportunities for finding wild dogging action are truly endless with this kind of access to information, and you generally only need to spend a few minutes scoping out a reputable nearby location and you’re on your way to naughty exhibitionist, voyeuristic and even gang banging public outdoor adventures.

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