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After extreme dogging sessions

I’m Carmen & I’m looking for people, men, to engage in extreme dogging sessions with in Tewkesbury. I’m a single woman who has a good profession and works very hard, but I would like to release some stress by taking part in dogging sessions on weekends, or maybe once during the week. I’m a spontaneous, elegant and intelligent 40 year old know generally gets what she wants, and lately I’ve been craving dogging!

I used to do this back in my 20s, with friends, and after a while now, and now that I am in a good economic situation, would like to try it out once more. I am a really horny woman, that works long hours, and has no boyfriend or husband, and for this reason I would like to meet new people to share my passion for dogging with. I believe life is short and shouldn’t be just work, work, work, so, if you feel that you’d like to companion me as I get off with incredible dogging adventures, and if you know where the best hotspots are located in, I’d be happy to get to know you, and possibly we could even begin a casual sexual relationship together. If interested, email me, thank you.


Looking for hung men in Sevenoaks

I’m Pam, 34, and am after hung men for dogging sessions in Sevenoaks! I tried dogging out for the first time a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. The adrenaline rush that came with it was amazing, and the fact that I sucked and fucked a few men in the outdoor really got me thinking that this is something I’ve gotta try out more often, maybe once a week if possible. I’m a really horny slut, and ideally I’d like to meet a guy who wants to attend dogging sessions with me in Sevenoaks and in nearby towns as well.

I love to suck and fuck, and really enjoy group situations, where I can be free to explore my sexuality with people I barely know. I am an attractive woman, I am quite slim, have small tits, and a really nice round ass (I’d tell you it is perfect for anal sex…something I love!!!) I love dp but at the same time to have a cock in my hand or mouth, and love it when I finish a dogging session, with my face drenched in cum. After reading this, if you feel you may be interested in meeting me, please get in contact with me!


Wife looking for a guy whos into bareback sex

I’m a gorgeous housewife looking to meet a single man for bareback sex in St Ives a couple of times a week. I love to suck and fuck, and don’t want to brag, but am really good at it. What I’m looking for exactly, is a FUN and OUTGOING man who is willing to experiment new sexual adventures with me, I don’t want a jealous man, or someone who doesn’t want to share me, but one who is used to swinging, wife-swapping, those kinds of things! Being a housewife is tough, coz sometimes you don’t get all of the recognition you deserve and I don’t want to have to settle for this, but really needs someone who understands my SEXUAL NEEDS.

I’m a good-looking brunette, have a slim, nice figure, but nice curves at the same time, I have large breasts, a bonus isn’t it hehehe. In my spare time I like to check out pornos, have a big collection, then like to act out certain scenes, I’ve done this with past partners, and absolutely love it! I love to get down on my knees and look men into the eye while I choke on their cocks, and get my pretty face drenched in cum. If you want to meet the number 1 CUMQUEEN in St Ives shoot me an email!!!


Help im home alone and extremely horny

I’m bored homealone and extremely horny, hoping to hook up with a sexy man in Rothwell with a big cock to penetrate my big round ass. I love anal sex, and never complain no matter how hard my asshole gets thumped. I’m a true, authentic sluts, I love cock and cum and am always in need of horny studs to fuck the shit out of me. On weekends I’m generally home alone, because my husband works the night shift, am I’m bored, horny and in need of some male company.

I’m looking for some discrete sex, flings, one night stands, but no relationships, just a fuck when my hubby is out of town, I’ve been told that I give awesome blowjobs and can tell you that I’m really passionate about sucking cock, and always make sure to swallow up as much cum as possible. If you want to fuck a bored and lonely housewife, who is willing to satisfy all of the sexual desires of men who deserve it, don’t hesitate before dropping me a line ok? By the way, I’m short, dark skinned, curly black hair, big ass and big tits. I’m truly desperate for a hard fuck right now!


Sex addict up for dogging tonight

Hi there, I’m Tamara, 37, from Ross-on-Wye. I’m a good lookin redhead, glue eyes, slim, sex addict who is keen to hook up with likeminded locals for a wild session of genuine dogging. I love to get naughty, love to flash nude in public places, really happy person who likes to experiment with new things. I became a flasher just a few yrs ago and love everything to do with it, there’s no better feeling than to see the facial expressions of shocked onlookers, but it’s even better when horny men see you flashing and flop out their cocks and begin to toss the sausage, I just love that heheh.

What I’m looking for is a couple of guys around my age, who wanna share their sexual experiences with me, whether that be dogging, flashing, threesomes, or whatever else. I’ve never tried dogging out b4, but have been curious about it for yrs now, and am desperate to engage in this extreme sex act, if you are interested, and don’t mind fucking strangers in alleys, the side or roads, parks or other places contact me and we can take part in dogging sessions together. We can have a really awesome time together. Plz sexy men get in contact right away!


Lets have a risky outdoor group fuck

Anyone out there who is looking to have group sex with a sexy exhibitionist from Penkridge? If so, please get in contact with me MARIANNE right away….I’m 28,, have awesome boobs, big ass, and love to show off my body to horny guys who wanna get freaky during insane group sex sessions…I’m pretty obsessed with my body and love to exhibit it in an artistic type of way…I’m an artist, and love to meet up with likeminded people and get nude in public. Just thinking that there might be shocked onlookers around gets me really, really horny!

I just love it! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about group sex…getting naughty with lots of men and women during insane fuck sessions…I love sex, love posing and caring for other people and their bodies…so if you feel the same, maybe we can hook up…I’d be glad to make your acquaintance….i really just wanna have fun, try out new things, experiment, but just need some likeminded people to join me for my crazy fuck adventures…we can get to know each other, touch, play, suck, fuck, swallow, or make natural art on each other’s faces hehehe…I love receiving facial cumshots mmmm yummy 🙂


Slutty MILF seeks group fuck in Harrogate

Hi guys, I’m Grace, a sexy milf looking for a group fuck in Harrogate. I admit that I’m a really horny slut and I love cock so much that one simply doesn’t do it for me. I’ve really been aching for a group fuck, I wanna be part of a group of sexy men and women who fuck the living daylights out of each other until we drop. I believe I’m pretty wild in bed, love sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass, swallowing cum and receiving body cumshots, even really into dp action, so if you are looking for a woman to join a bunch of horny people who meet up for groups sex a few times a week, please count me in.

I’m up for pretty much everything, and like guys who knock how to fuck hard! The harder you fuck me the more I like it, and the dirtier you are the better in my opinion. I’m a bit of a slapper myself, will suck off whatever, so I’m not too picky, don’t care much for race, age, appearance or status, just wanna get down and dirty with some horny people for some wild group action in and around Harrogate!


Bi housewife loves a bit of outdoor sex

Ok…the name’s Nigella, so I am a bi housewife and WOULD LIKE to hook up with a guy in the Newhaven area or nearby. I’m 37 and bored of the same old routine that comes with married life, so I just want to switch off for a moment…take it easy…and have some wild outdoor sex with mature men, up to 50 years of age please. I haven’t been sexually satisfied lately, been like this for several months now, and wanna go all out with a horny man with a large penis, the bigger the better in my book.

I love BLOWJOBS, CUMSHOTS, ANAL SEX, FETISHES, and wanna have a threesome to, whether it be me and two men or two women or 1 and 1, and me obviously hahaha 😉 I’m pretty silly at times, but loads of fun, have a nice body, nice breasts and a nice ass, you will be impressed, trust me. I love getting into sexy outfits, sexy lingerie, anything that would seduce the guys I meet. I wanna fuck at the beach…on soft sand, the woods, bushes, public toilets, parks, outdoor sex really gets me off! If you are interested, plz shoot me an email with your details and we can arrange a meeting spot. Thanks.


Seeking single men for dogging meets

I’m fun & easy going, friendly, curious, sexy, and quite naughty! Straight up and to the point, what I’m after are single men from Rochdale for genuine dogging! I have a bunch of girlfriends who occasionally take part in dogging sessions in and around towns, and although I just listen and say it isn’t something for me, it actually sounds like quite a lot of fun…listening to their stories the other night made me cream myself…it was soooo embarrassing!!!

I would never try it with them, even if they did invite me, so I’ve come here looking for some horny studs to discuss and essentially meet up with for dogging at all kinds of locations. I am really curious about this, and wanna try it out asap, but want to be comfortable, so having some friendly sex contacts would surely give me that boost that I need. I am a nice lookin’ gal, really sweet, friendly, horny and whatelse….ummmm….very, very horny. I hope this works…if you want to engage in dogging with me, and if you want some of your mates, please drop me a line. I’d prefer if you were in your late 30s (don’t mind couples). I recon we can have a great time 🙂


Bored desperate and horny as hell

Never tried this kind of thing before, but here goes…I’m Laura, I’m laid back, down to earth, have a sense of humour, can be funny at times. I don’t have a perfect body, but most guys like it, and never complain heheh. I haven’t had a relationship in a while now, since a big break-up, and am pretty damn desperate to meet a mature man in Taunton for discrete sex. I’ve been really lonely and bored lately, and feel the urge to get a little bit wild in the bedroom. I seek a mature man, who is respectful, fun and outgoing, intelligent, and with a sexy, muscular body, someone who works out, but isn’t obsessed with his body, like most gay men at gyms hehe.

I recon I’ve been missing out on certain things in the last few yrs…like great sex, fun, companionship, and adventure. I’m hoping to meet a friendly, clean, healthy guy who can fuck me like never quite seen before. I just want guys from Taunton…and am up for new things…threesomes,dogging, orgies and gangbangs have always been one of my curiosities, could actually be a lot of fun. If you feel you could make me happy, or simply just want a fling or a one night stand, I’d really appreciate you getting in contact with me.


Dogging locations in the UK

The dogging craze in the UK keeps picking up momentum, and finding hot spots for dogging action is getting easier by the minute. There are literally dozens of websites set up by and devoted to dogging enthusiasts, and one only need execute a few clicks to find the best dogging spots across the UK. These websites are generally well populated, organized, and often free or with negligible fees, and members and even casual browsers can select from hundreds of towns and specific locales to see and be seen engaging in exciting activities usually kept behind bedroom doors. The sites often feature extensive and comprehensive dogging databases of both locations and member enthusiasts, in addition to chat rooms, organized meetings, and member profiles and postings.

In addition to listing good dogging locations, these sites offer specific information in helping you find what particular spot may be right for you. You can find out what particular activities are popular, whether a location is primarily straight or gay, the best times to show up, local protocols such as car signals and nonverbal cues, and how heavily policed an area may be. While no night will likely ever be identical to another, with a little research and likely pleasurable experience, dogging enthusiasts can easily find their new favorite spot to shag under the stars.

While there are too many sites to list here, some of the most popular and detailed include Swinging Heaven, Swinger Nation UK, Let’s Go Dogging, Dogging, The Adult club, and Dogging After Dark. The opportunities for finding wild dogging action are truly endless with this kind of access to information, and you generally only need to spend a few minutes scoping out a reputable nearby location and you’re on your way to naughty exhibitionist, voyeuristic and even gang banging public outdoor adventures.


Dixie Davies dogging again


Its that time of night again and British dogging housewife Dixie Davies is on the hunt for more than one guy to fuck, she breaks away from the swinging scene for the night and heads down to her local carpark to catch the latest dogging action. Dixie was there less than 5 minutes and she was aproached by a horny dogger looking to get his throbbing dick sucked. She happily did as he wanted and they both left the dogging area with huge smiles on their faces.

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Dogging with Tiffany Love

New to the scene is fur loving Tiffany Love. Tiffany Love is a sexy brunette amateur who loves the thrill of doing it outside, She was spotted at this local dogging hotspot along with other sluts from the area all fucking and sucking complete strangers as their partners sat back and watched all the hardcore action, Tiffany a sexy stocking clad babe flashed her pussy and played with herself before continuing to suck of more strangers. When she was finished for the night she headed back home with a smile on her face and a fuck for her husband.

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Dogging Missions

Dogging Missions is the newest and hottest dogging site to hit the net in a long time. Dogging Missions films are filmed by dirty dogger Don “Dogging” Roobles he heads all over the UK armed with his video corder to film all the latest going ons at top dogging locations.

Watch real couples, swingers first time doggers and amateurs head over to local dogging hotspots for plenty of fucking and sucking in public. Come and check out dogging missions for yourselves today see their large database of dogging movies, there are plenty there to keep you busy watching for a very long time.

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Old dogger Mazza May

Old dogging slut Mazza May might be an old tart but she sure loves a good fucking froma younger guy. This busty MILF has a body most women her age would die for, just check it out when shes naked. Anyway the cameras follow old dogger Mazza May as she heads of for a night out dogging this stocking clad MILF gave the cameras a view of her shaven peirced pussy before she headed of to suck some fresh cock. Mazza then gets bent over and her old pussy fucked hard, she then lies on the grass and sticks her tits together ready for a huge warm load on her tits.

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Gemma Grant dogging on holiday

Gemma Grant couldnt resist a little bit of dogging whilst on holiday, this genuine British dogger and her husband met up with dogger Don roobles and invited him into their caravan so that he could film this dogging couple fucking and what great footage he got, Dirty tart Gemma wasted no time she got her clothes off and started rubbing her pussy, she then got fucked hard by her hubby before receiving his huge load of cum all over her firm tits.

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Blonde dogger Lucy Lomas

Blonde slut Lucy Lomas is one horny stunner i wouldnt mind going with, Shes hot and the guys seem to think so too ! Don and the gang spotted Lucy dogging and decided they were going to film her, she happily let them and posed for a few stills and gave them a view of her hot ass, she then called over one horny British dogger she undid his trousers and took his hard cock into her mouth and sucked him off, the stunning blonde bombshell then got fucked good whilst being bent over the car.

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What is dogging

For all you guys and girls who dont know what dogging is then read a little about it below.

Dogging is a British term for swinging that takes place in a public but reasonably secluded area (often based in cars, but not necessarily). There are several known dogging spots across the UK where people go after dark, typically to engage in voyeurism and exhibitionism but also to take part in group sex.

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Dogging MILF Crystal Saunders

Crystal Saunders what a filthy British slut. Crystal Saunders is the ultimate MILF babe who begs to get fucked. Crystal and the dogging missions crew head of to the local dogging location to see whos about and its not long before shes got a few men lining up for a good sucking. The guys cant beleive their luck because Crystal Saunders is damn hot wouldnt you agree !! Anyway this horny busty British MILF bent over and flashed her pert ass then got on her knees and started sucking of strangers, when they were ready to cum she finished of wanking them and aiming their loads at her massive chest. Just look at the cum dribble down her massive melons.

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Hardcore Paradise Summers

Guys you know you are in for a good time when you meet Paradise summers at a local dogging hotspot, This serial dogger is always around and sure gives lucky strangers a good time. In this hot dogging picture set we see sexy Paradise summers sitting in the back of the car smoking and playing with her shaven pussy, she then climbs out of the car and sucks of guy after guy before getting a very hard fucking. This filthy serial dogger then lets all the guys shoot their loads all over her body and over the face.

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Natasha Roman countryside dogging

Country cutie Natasha Roman was feeling a little horny and in need of a good fucking, She heads of to her local country dogging location with the dogging missions crew and allowed them to film this hot footage of her dogging in the day time. Sexy Natasha Roman soon met with another horny dogger, this hot dogging duo really went for it she sucked him off before he bent her over the tree and licked out her ass and pussy before he fucked her hard. She then got back on her knees and sucks him off letting him cum in her mouth and she drank every last drop.

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Hardcore shagger Trinity Thomas

Hardcore shagger Trinity Thomas is in need of a bit of cock to get her through the night, this horny nymph slut gets herself ready and heads to the nearest dogging location for a bit of action 🙂 Trinity Thomas was treated like a complete slut she got used and she loved every second of it, just watch this British tart fuck her wet pussy before dropping on her knees sucking off a stranger then letting him shoot his load all over her hot ass.

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Emma Lee dogging in the woods


Up next is British MILF and hardcore dogger Emma Lee. When Emma Lee goes dogging she always dresses to impress in her sexy stockings high heels and sexy lingerie, Making a guy hot turns her on and she goes wild. In this hot dogging gallery we get to see sexy Emma head down to the local woods in search of a stranger to have fun with, it doesnt take her long to be approached and after a little ass flashing and stripping she drops down on her knees and sucks on the strangers cock, as she sucks she plays with her dripping wet pussy making her cum hard. What a slut

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Donna Bones caught dogging

The first dogger of the night is dirty British tart Donna Bones. Donna bones is one horny hottie who loves a little bit of dogging, flashing and exhibitionism. Don the dirty dogger caught sexy Donna Bones who was dressed as a complete slut in tiny white hotpants and a tied shirt dogging at her local dogging hotspot, She was caught and filmed sucking of a complete stranger in the back of her car Donna then got her pussy eaten out before lying back on the chair and rubbing her shaven pussy as the stranger looked on and had a wank 🙂

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